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At Spangles, our jewellery pieces are handcrafted using some natural precious stones, recycled glass beads, seed beads, vinyl disc and metal alloys. For proper care of your jewellery pieces, kindly adhere to the following care tips:

  1. Avoid dropping them on the floor as this might cause the beads and stones to break.

  1. Do not swim or bathe with your jewellery pieces. This damages the stones and beads, loosens adhesive, and runs the risk of loss of jewellery. 

  1. To clean your natural gemstones or beads, simply wipe them clean with a soft dry cloth. Do not immerse in harsh chemicals or cleaners.

  1. Avoid exposing jewellery to shampoo or other beauty care products like hair spray, hair dyes, spray tan, lotions, or perfumes.

  1. Store your jewellery pieces in a cool, dry place, like a jewellery box and away from direct sun light or heat source.

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