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The Appeal of African Waist Beads.

The ingenuity of Africans to come up with something so simple yet practical, that provides so many benefits to humankind, is mind- blowing🤯. I am very sure that you have heard some common uses of waist beads for women, such as, a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood, a means to keep their weight and posture in check, as family planning methods (this is a whole different topic) and for adornment of the female body.

The most fascinating benefit is the stimulation of the senses, not necessarily for the wearer but for the beholder as well, in a romantic setting… if you know what I mean😍.

When the mood is right, these are the most likely ways that the senses of a partner will and can be engaged:

• The sight of a woman in waist beads, draws attention to her curvaceous figure, it makes the waist look slender and accentuates the hips. The colours and type of beads used can also make her skin spangle when light falls on them.

•A layer of sensation is added to the sense of touch when hands of the beholder are run up and down her curves. The alternating contact with the smoothness of her skin to the rippling feel of the beads is not only exciting to the receiver but the provider as well.

•Some women keep their special waist beads in an air-tight container and add some drops of aromatic oils or incense. Thus when the beads are worn, the olfactory senses are teased.

•In the sweet embrace of a lover, one doesn’t necessarily need music to set the mood, all that is required are gentle taps on the area where the beads are worn to release the beautiful rattling sound of beads rubbing against each other.

There are many more sensations that are yet to be explored with waist beads. However, whenever you embark on the journey to seek out the world of sensual pleasure, do remember to pay homage to our forefathers for their contribution to the use of practical playthings.

Our type of waist beads are woven and unusual adding to the visual sensations.

Multiple strands when worn and used appropriately will provide a joyful sound, in celebration of your beautiful union.

Spangles! Look Good, Feel Great

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sophie sey
sophie sey
Jan 25, 2023

Very sensational piece of art. Beautiful indeed

……beads are worn to release the beautiful rattling sounds of beads rubbing against each other

Jan 25, 2023
Replying to

Thank you so much for taking time off to read the post as well as your kind comments. I love the practicallity these African waist beads. It has all these benefits yet they don't need to be charged🤭. Play things these days, all need batteries.

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