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Icumsa Methods Book Free Download




The revised edition includes revisions and updates to all methods and a more concise set of Methods. MARKETING {#Sec1} ========= EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS {#Sec2} -------------------- **Define:** Tractable or tractable acidity is an acidity which can be moved towards the low end of the range of acceptable pH values in an optimized sugar milling process using existing kiln-cooked equipment. **How do we plan or schedule Education programs?:** Educational programs are planned and scheduled based on the availability of people to participate in the program. The goals for the session are to provide an update of the latest information, to take some questions, to look at possible equipment or additives that can be used to reduce or eliminate acidity, and to answer any questions that were not answered during the meeting. These programs are often scheduled during regularly scheduled meetings, webinars, or mailed information. **Who participates in Educational Programs?:** Many individuals in the sugar industry participate in educational programs, including mill owners, mill managers, mill engineers, mill operators, and others. **What to Do?:** Those attending the educational program should be fully prepared and should bring questions that they want to ask. The presenter should be knowledgeable and have done the research to prepare the presentation. The session should be interactive, with people asking questions, discussing problems they are having, and asking questions about ways to minimize the effects of acidity. If time allows, handouts should be provided. When presenting, a slide show should be provided that highlights the problems and methods of reducing acidity. **Where and How Long?:** There are many different venues and types of educational programs. Usually, they are held at various places such as schools, pulp mills, mills, mills, or mills. Educational programs are usually 2--4 hours in length. Some are longer, depending on the goals of the session. **What to Tell People?:** Some of the information that is presented during educational sessions is new and different from past presentations. To help people to be aware of the latest and current information, the presenter should emphasize that the methods described in the presentation are new or different. The presenter can stress the importance of attending the educational program and participating in the educational program. **How Can They Participate?:** Attendees can usually participate in the educational sessions by asking questions, signing up for a class, filling out a questionnaire, or joining an interest group




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Icumsa Methods Book Free Download

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