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Welcome to Spangles, the online store that offers beautiful, colourful and unique beaded jewellery and accessories.

We use recycled glass beads and brass ornaments from Ghana, as well semi- precious stones and findings from around the world.

Our mission is to help you Look Good and Feel Great every day, with our handcrafted products that reflect your personality and style.



I am Angela Nelson, Founder and Creative Director of Spangles. As a former corporate trainer, I accidentally discovered the power of dressing well to boost confidence and performance, at work.

I remember an occasion where I had to train some top executives of the company on the use of a new marketing application. I was a bit apprehensive, prior to the event.

However, on the day of the training, I came to the office in a nice suit with complementary accessories that made me feel really good and gave me the confidence to deliver the training effectively, to the admiration of my line manager, who had, until then, not seen me exude such confidence and poise.

That experience inspired me, after several years of engaging in beading as a hobby, to create Spangles, a brand that celebrates the beauty and diversity of women and encourages them to do more with their lives.

It is for the same reason, of building confidence in individuals, that I engage in the free training of underprivileged youth, particularly women and girls, who would like to learn a trade in the making of beaded jewellery. This is to empower them to become economically self-reliant and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

I believe that when you Look Good and you Feel Great about yourself, you can achieve anything you set your mind to.

That is why I source high quality materials from different parts of the world and create unique designs that suit different occasions and moods. Whether you need a statement necklace for a formal event, a colourful bracelet for a casual outing or a delicate pair of earrings for a romantic date, you can find it here at Spangles.


Our handcrafted jewellery pieces are made with different types of beads from across the globe. We particularly enjoy using recycled glass and brass ornaments from Africa.
Akin to the beautiful colours of our rich Kente cloth, we purposefully blend patterns and infuse bold colours into our jewellery and accessories, to make them wearable pieces of art.



To become a globally recognized fashion brand in the next 10-15years, making beautiful jewellery pieces for everyday use.



To create opportunities for the youth in our communities. We do this by…
•Teaching underprivileged youth how to  start a business in jewellery making in order to make them self-reliant.



At Spangles, we believe that every individual is beautiful and generally, people tend to share their inner beauty with the world when they feel great about themselves.



To make you Look Good, so you Feel Great,

 thereby sharing more of yourself, 

with the world.

Look Good, Feel Great

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