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Who is in for a Puzzle?

This week's fun activity is for you to complete this puzzle and send us a screen shot of your final work through direct messages on Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

Click on the image below to get access to the puzzle. Let's see if you can put this image together.


Terms and Conditions

Whenever we post a game, mostly on Fridays, participants are entreated to provide answers to the challenge or game, through direct messaging on the various social media sites, by end of the day. Answers are typically provided the following day. All correct answers received by the time the answers are posted, give the participants the opportunity to enjoy percentage discounts on selected products or win other gift items during the following week.

Kindly note that evidence will be required to enjoy the discounts or win gifts and the only evidence that will be accepted will be answers sent via direct messaging before the answers are shared, unless otherwise stated.

With that said.... LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!!!!

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